New Year's Eve Party in Venice

Come and celebrate New Year in Venice, in the heart of the historic center! The setting of the event will be the fascinating Palazzetto Pisani: an eighteenth-century noble palace, overlooking the Grand Canal. 

Celebrate the longest night of the year with the New Year’s Eve dinner followed by live DJ set music,  dances and shows. 

At the stroke of midnight, the fireworks show will celebrate the start of the new year! Of all of Venice Events, this will certainly be a unique one!

Carnival of Venice - Grand Ball and Party

Since the medieval age, the people of Venice have partaken in a long tradition of disguise. 

Typically occurring between the months of January and March, people were allowed to dress up, wear masks, have parties and have fun without the fear of judgement. Venice is now famous for its masquerade balls, beautiful castles and locations, taking influence from it’s history. Typically, these carnival inspired balls take place in various palaces around Venice; decorated to recreate 17th-18th century design. However, this does depend on the location. 

The location of the event is chosen based on the feature of the authenticity of an original venetian palace to allow for an “immersive” experience. 

Our events are for Carnival lovers that love masked balls, the baroque art and music. No matter whether or not this is your first experience with a masked ball, we can recommend different “atelier” (masks and costumes shops) where you can get your costume and be inspired. 

Your ticket will include dinner, drinks and our live entertainment, for a mere price you can dance the night away with friends/ family to celebrate the venetian carnival.

Your meal will be prepared by our Italian chef who will provide you with authentic cuisine experience, followed by a series of local wines. This delightful combination, paired with an artistic show allows you to have the full ‘Venetian experience’. These Balls allow your party enthusiast personalities to come to life for a once in a lifetime opportunity.