Oficine 800

The island was likely named "Zudeca" as it was a hub for tanning leather, with the local industry specializing in zudecar, the art of leather tanning. The buildings in the area were used for work and storage from the 1200s to the 1700s, including salt warehouses as evidenced by historical records. Similarities in architecture can be observed with the warehouses near the customs point. The buildings were later purchased by the Bullo family, who restored them for use as a rental space for events, providing equipment for staging, catering, and refreshments. After a first round of restoration work, further renovation efforts began and were completed in 2018. The location is now an ideal venue for hosting events, including conventions, congresses, weddings, and parties. In addition, the area once housed storage facilities for a Building Company's wood and coal, and the nearby Distilleria Veneziana produced Birra Venezia before merging with Pedavena beer in 1928 and later with Dreher and Heineken.